Thanksgiving Recipes

November 22, 2020
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Happy Thanksgiving week! I know this year is going to look different for most people. My family for example, always hosts about 40 people for Thanksgiving. But this year, it will just be the 7 of us. I have gotten several messages asking about how to tailor a menu for two or for a very small group. The first thing I would say, is that you do not have to cook an entire turkey! If you are cooking for two, it can be pretty difficult to find a small turkey. But you can easily find turkey breasts to roast instead. Plus, they will cook MUCH faster than a whole turkey. Another option is to roast a chicken. I know turkey is traditional, but I eat all of these side dishes with roast chicken as well. It is also very easy to find a 3 pound chicken and might just be a better option if you are cooking for just a couple people and you don’t want a crazy amount of leftovers.

As for appetizers, Everything Good in a Mini Pumpkin is the perfect size for a small group, or you could make a small cheese board with just a couple cheeses. Most of these side dishes feed a larger group, but again, I am a big fan of Thanksgiving leftovers. However, if you want to keep it super small, I would suggest the Creamed Spinach, Cranberry Sauce, and Grandpa’s Sweet Potatoes (edit recipe to 1 lb sweet potatoes, 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water). I would also just make an entire dessert because it would be too difficult to alter those recipes.

I hope these tips help with your menu, and I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!





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