• Mother’s Day Brunch

    May 7, 2021

    Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Every year is a little different for us, but we usually do some sort of brunch with our Moms. I absolutely love hosting brunch! So,ย I collaborated with World Market to create this Mother’s Day Brunch menu! The recipes are all delicious and will make the Mom in your life feel…

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  • Strawberry Basil Mimosas

    May 7, 2021

    Mother’s Day is just around the corner! I love hosting brunch to celebrate and obviously at brunch, you need fun cocktails. Or in my case at 8 months pregnant, mocktails! I created this Mimosa and non-alcoholic “Momosa” using one of my fav flavor combos, strawberry and basil. It just takes your standard orange juice mimosa…

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  • French Eggs Benedict

    April 29, 2021

    One of my favorite dishes to make for brunch is my Italian Eggs Benedict. So I thought it would be fun to create a French version. When my Husband and I went to France a few years ago, we have several dishes that involved steamed asparagus with eggs on top. It was a combination I…

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  • Pancetta, Avocado and Arugula Salad

    April 28, 2021

    I serve a side salad most nights of the week and this dressing is the one I always make. It is the perfect simple vinaigrette. I will sometimes just serve it with greens and nothing else. Other times I will add cherry tomatoes, sliced shallots and goat cheese. But I think my favorite way to…

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  • Bacon and Leek Quiche

    April 1, 2021

    Easter is just a few days away! If you are like my family, and do Easter Brunch every year, this recipe is perfect for you. I am a big fan of quiche and I love how versatile it is. I created this recipe using the key ingredients from one of my favorite pasta sauces: bacon,…

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  • Breakfast Tacos

    May 30, 2020

    I LOVE a good breakfast burrito. It’s sometimes hard to find one that is proportionally perfect. Often times, restaurants use a ton of potatoes which act more as a filler and don’t give a whole lot of flavor or texture to the burritos. I like pretty much equal parts of everything in my breakfast burrito.…

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  • Open-Faced Hash Brown and Fried Egg Sandwich

    January 27, 2019

    I came up with the recipe while my husband and I were doing Whole30 a couple years ago. We both wanted egg sandwiches but obviously weren’t allowed to have bread due to the Whole30 guidelines. So I decided to make an open faced egg sandwich on a hash brown patty instead of a slice of…

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  • Christmas Morning Casserole

    December 23, 2018

    I make an egg casserole every Christmas Morning. It’s a great dish because it feeds a lot of people and you can make it ahead of time. I like to make it the night before and just pop it in the oven in the morning. I switch up the ingredients every year to keep it…

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  • Perfect Pancakes

    June 25, 2018

    When I was 8 years old, our housekeeper gave me this recipe. It was the first thing that I ever cooked by myself. I have never strayed from this recipe. I’ve literally been making these pancakes for almost 20 years now! If I want a thick and fluffy pancake, I add 1 cup of milk.…

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  • White Chocolate Lemon Poppy Seed Scones

    June 18, 2018

    I love everything about brunch! I’m constantly experimenting in the kitchen and trying to create fun and easy brunch recipes. I’m not a huge scone person, but I am obsessed with these. They are so moist and delicious with a great combo of flavors (lemon and white chocolate go so well together). These scones are…

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