Welcome to Chef Bre’s Kitchen, a love of all-things delicious!

CBK is a celebration of the ingredients that enhance our everyday lives. To me, it’s all about having fun in the kitchen—cooking should never be stressful. This blog is devoted to sharing the dishes that wow us, keep us laughing, and living in the moment. Because there’s always a good reason to open a bottle of something yummy!

Inherited and inspired by my own Italian grandmother and Mom, my favorite childhood memories took place in the kitchen or around the dining room table. The kitchen is still my happy place—cooking truly relaxes me. There is nothing I love more than dinner for two with my husband or hosting and entertaining our friends and family.

From the rich and decadent to the light and healthy, there’s no dish that’s off-limits. Let’s celebrate the seasons of food in the dishes that will make up your home. Cheers!

— Breanna Reaume