Loaded Nachos

January 31, 2019
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The Rams are going to the Super Bowl!!! We are a Rams Family and are SO excited to watch them play this Sunday. But honestly, the most important part of the Super Bowl is the food you’ll be eating. I LOVE all football watching foods. Here are some of my favorite recipes:

Everybody loves nachos. Especially nachos covered in queso. For some recipes, I like to swap out certain ingredients in order to make the dish lighter and healthier. This is not one of those recipes. I go full out and use Velveeta cheese to make the queso (aka liquid gold). I arrange the chips in an even layer so that every chip gets covered in all of the delicious toppings. I created this recipe to include all of my favorite nachos toppings, but feel free to add anything that you like (or take out the olives like my Husband does). I prefer carnitas but you can swap that meat out for shredded chicken or some carne asada. Whatever you prefer! These nachos will be a hit at your Super Bowl party this weekend!


  • 1 12 oz bag of tortilla chips
  • 1 16 oz package of Velveeta cheese
  • 1 10 oz can of RoTel
  • 1 12 oz package of Carnitas pork, cooked and shredded (Trader Joe’s has the best microwavable carnitas!)
  • 5 scallions, sliced
  • 1 cup black beans
  • ¼ cup sliced black olives
  • 2 avocados, sliced
  • Dollop of sour cream
  • Pickled jalapenos, optional
  • Cilantro for garnish


Begin by making the queso. Place a saucepan over medium heat. Cut the Velveeta into large cubes and add to the saucepan along with the RoTel. Melt the cheese, stirring constantly for about 8 to 10 minutes until the queso is nice and smooth.

To assemble the nachos, arrange the chips in an even layer on a large platter. Pour the queso over the chips. Then top with the shredded carnitas, scallions, beans, olives and avocados. Then add a large spoonful of sour cream to the center of the nachos. Sprinkle with jalapenos if you like it spicy. Finish with a garnish of cilantro.

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